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GAH Minnesota Permit to Carry
Welcome To GAH Minnesota!

The police just can't be everywhere at all times. It's up to the citizens of the United States to protect themselves. With a little bit of training and knowledge, prevention and avoidance of criminal contact can be accomplished by most anyone. GAH Instructors are dedicated to teaching law-abiding citizens how to use a firearm in everyday life and in a defensive situation, Safely, Responsibly.

What you get with our class:

Minnesota permit to carry training certificate $100.00

Florida ccw certificate Included.

New Hampshire concealed carry app Included.

Range Time Included.

Gun Usage Included. Or you can use your own firearm.

Breakfast Included.

Extra Shooting Instructions for Novice Shooters Included.

We can tailor classes to your needs and shooting ability. From beginners to competition shooters we can meet your needs.